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As a premier travel agency, we are here for you every step of the way from A to Z when it comes to planning your future group trip. That is why we have started a group reservation service for specialized clients of ours that group travel often. Whether your group is big or small, we will diligently work with some of the most well-known 4 and 5-star stays internationally to fully accommodate the occasion on your utmost behalf with our most ideal clientele being management, artist and production firms, contractors and all other group travelers for both business and personal trips.
Here are just a few reasons why you should consider the convenience of choosing us when booking your next group reservation with colleagues, friends and family:
By way of our high-powered database system, we can easily check off deliverables by prioritizing what is most important to you, personally hand selecting the most ideal group stay for all of your essential needs. You choose any hotel location in the world to reserve your stay as we get the best group deals for you guaranteed when it pertains to guests’ requests, accessibility and most importantly location.
The best part of utilizing our group reservation service is that you have the ultimate peace of mind with worry-free booking by prepaying all of your rooms 100% — that means no hidden fees — under one primary account as a group name of your choice with an exclusive precheck booking through our fast and fillable authorization form in which you may decide to cancel at any time with our 24-hour support line. No confusion. No last-minute guesses.
Have a delayed flight or unexpected change in plans? You can also change or extend as many or as few nights in your group reservation as you would like without any penalty or extra fee. We truly understand that life happens sometimes and we will ultimately do whatever it is possible to secure your group reservation and make sure to fully accommodate your group stay at no additional cost to you.
Lastly, prior to checking in, we will send a personalized guest itinerary catered to you with a free trip designer readily available that will give you all the amenities of your group stay as well as how to get there and what information your group will need to present upon arrival so that you will have all the important information you need prior to check-in with no issues. 
“We are here to make sure that our clients always get 5-star customer service with having all of your questions answered and all check-in tasks conveniently put to bed so you in turn may rest easily.” 
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